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REST API to send, receive and get info on transactions and balances of ALL ERC20 tokens and Ethereum


Blockchain is about decentralization, but this also means difficult usage for end users. Some people have issues using computers and smartphones, how are they supposed to work with private keys, wallet browser addons and smart contract function calling?

The answer is, they simply won’t use the advantages of blockchain because it is „too complicated“ and they „don’t have time“ to learn how to use it. Still, blockchain projects are aiming for a full decentralization and wondering why almost no real users are using their solutions. We think decentralization is great. But it’s not working on every part of a project/solution.

In our eyes, the perfect solution is a mixture of both, a centralized part and a decentralized part. The data itself is safe on the blockchain, but this doesn’t help if only a few have enough knowledge to access it. There has to be a front-end solution that is easy to use, centralized. We think this is the only possibility to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies. and its future projects aim to build a bridge between the normal web and the Blockchain with the final goal to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies for businesses and end users.

About Us offers a variety of API functions that make it easier to work with ERC20 tokens and Ethereum. No matter if the goal is to use an own ERC20 token as a payment method in an online shop, create an exchange, provide a wallet function to users, send tokens to millions of airdrop participants or building a bridge between a website currency and an ERC20 token. has you covered with all needed functions.

There are functions to send any ERC20 token, send Ethereum, rent and control Ethereum addresses, receive any ERC20 token via webhook/Instant Payment Notification, check ERC20 token balances, check Ethereum balances, get info on transactions and more. It can be used with any programming language that can send JSON encoded HTTP POST requests, which should be easy for every developer.



Our API works with all ERC20 tokens by default.


We only charge for successful API Requests. No fees on deposits.


Our API is compatible with most Stable Coins. Check our FAQ for more info.


Every transaction needs a password, which is only known to you.


We are constantly fixing bugs and implementing new features.


We are available via Telegram and Email if help is needed.
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Even though we did never start an ICO ourselves, we still wrote a comprehensive whitepaper with lots of information about what is about and how it can help projects and companies in the crypto business. It also contains details about our security system, our monetarization model and descriptions of all functions we offer. We really recommend to check it out.


Have a look at the Docs to see how to implement them

  • Send ERC20 tokens automatically
  • Send Ethereum automatically
  • Receive ERC20 tokens automatically
  • Receive Ethereum automatically
  • Get info on ERC20 transactions by hash
Function Overview
  • Get ERC20 token balance of an ethereum address
  • Get Ethereum balance of an ethereum address
  • Get info on Ethereum transactions by hash
  • Get latest Ethereum/Euro and Ethereum/USD exchange rate
  • Get last mined ethereum block number
  • Subscribe to Ethereum & token deposits

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