Tokengateway is a REST API which allows you automate interacting with the ethereum blockhain. So, instead of using a wallet to manually send tokens or ethereum to many addresses, you can automate this process by using our solution. You can also use Tokengateway to securely store and manage ethereum funds of your users.

You can, for example: Check ethereum or ERC20 token balances, send ethereum or tokens, create ethereum addresses (and deposit ERC20 tokens or ethereum on it), get info on ERC20 token and ethereum transactions. For a full overview please have a look at our Docs.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges, ICOs, Airdrop managers, E-Commerce shops which want to add their own token as a payment method and all businesses which need to interact with the ethereum blockchain often.

We are charging for every successfull call to our API on a prepaid pay-as-you-go base. All functions have a different cost. As we don’t want our payment system to rely on ethereum rates, we are using credits as main currency of our platform. One thousand credits are worth 1€. To charge your account, you only need to send ethereum to the address in your profile panel. After a few confirmations, it will be automatically be accepted and converted to credits based on the current euro to ethereum rate. To see the exact function pricing, please click here. We also offer discounts for customers who need to make a lot of requests. If you have a big application and want to use Tokengateway, please get in touch with us so we can negotiate a fair price.

Your token must follow the ERC20 token standard for our API to work. Please refer to this article to see the exact specifications of the ERC20 token standard. If your token follows the standard, it will work with Tokengateway. There is no need to ask us if we will add a specifc ERC20 token, as our system is designed to be universal compatible with all ERC20 tokens.

Sure! We are happy to provide discounts for applications which need a lot of requests. Just get in contact with us.

As we have a lot of costs to keep our systems up, redundancy, secure. Saving and backupping of important account data is also costing us money on a permanent base. We decided to charge a monthly fee for each etheruem address that is created on our system.

As previously mentioned, we are doing everything possible to prevent lose of ethereum or token balances, so we won’t delete ethereum addresses just because they don’t have been renewed. However, if you want to continue using an expired ethereum address, you will have to renew it before using the renewAddress function.

The system is beeing improved continously. We can currently compensate over 50% of system failures and are working with high available, shielded servers.

You can find an always up to date changelog here.

You can manage your wallets with the functiions newAddress, renewAddress and listAddresses. NewAddress creates a new ethereum address on the system with the keyword you provided (Don’t lose that one!). By default, the ethereum address will last 1 month until it expires. You can specify a later expiration date with the „months“ parameter. Using the renewAddress function, you can reactivate the address/extend the expiration date to a later date. This function also accepts a „months“ parameter. With the listAddresses function, you can get a list all of the ethereum addresses you have ever created, together with the expiration date and an optional unique identifier.

Every user gets 1000 credits for free when registering an account at Tokengateway. These credits can be used to test and integrate our API. If you need more credits for testing purposes, please get in contact with us.