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REST API to send, receive and get info on transactions and balances of ALL ERC20 tokens and Ethereum

Long description offers a variety of API functions that make it easier to work with ERC20 tokens. No matter if the goal is to use an own ERC20 token as a payment method in an online shop, create an exchange, provide a wallet function to users, send tokens to millions of airdrop participants or building a bridge between a website currency and an ERC20 token. has you covered with all needed functions. There are functions to send any ERC20 token, send Ethereum, rent and control Ethereum addresses, receive any ERC20 token via webhook/Instant Payment Notification, check ERC20 token balances, check Ethereum balances, get info on transactions and more. It can be used with any programming language that can send JSON encoded HTTP POST requests, which should be easy for every developer.


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